Hi guys, how you doing? Hopefully you’re doggie fans, if not you might be in the wrong place! Because you’re about to enter a 100% doggie space!! 

But before we dive in with the slobbery doggie kisses and waggy tails can I get you anything? Tea? Flat White? Gravy bone? As you’ve guessed I’m a tad nervous, introductions really aren’t my thing, so here goes…

I’m Ella. I somehow found my self in the middle of a very busy doggie life! It’s messy, crazy and often very dirty but it’s fun! And although I’m not exactly sure how I got here I’m glad I did. I love being a dog walker!! But as you can imagine it’s not always as easy as it looks!

As for this blog, well I though it’d be a fun way to share our adventures with you dog lovers out there! As well as my trials and tribulations for all you dog owners, and maybe they can help you along the way! But it’s my first online venture, and well the doggies aren’t much help with the typing! 

I’m hopin you guys are going to love meeting my little Wolfpack, they’re pretty amazing! And hopefully our little adventures can inspire you to go on a few of your own, or at least share the doggie love with you! And I’m sure we’ll soon be great friends… I know the doggies will love you! 

And well, welcome to my crazy doggie life!

Ella & The Wolfpack 🐶🐾


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